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Fox Labs International Defense Sprays

Fox Labs International Defense Sprays
Fox Labs was founded in 1992, and has been supplying the best-informed law enforcement agencies in the world with superlative products since 1994. They are the best informed because they really know the facts about products in these categories. The people that make the decisions to carry our products make them based on these facts. They choose to use Fox products because they know that the product performance is unequaled by any other brands. It was that way in the beginning, and remains so, today.

Here Is what a recent customer had to say:

Hi just a comment about the spray I bought from you. I tested it in the garage spraying it once against the garage door (dumb idea!!) and the contact had my nose burning and I was gagging for a good 10 minutes.

Immediately after I went back in the house and the fog carried all the way into the main room a good 15 feet away from the garage and my girlfriend started gagging too.

A direct blast of this stuff would definitely lay somebody out on the pavement, and probably clear an entire house too.

My God this spray is strong. Great product I'm really impressed!!

After having a knife pulled on me for the 3rd time this year I'm really glad to have it, I used the S..... Red stuff on someone once and it didn't do anything to my attacker, almost cost me my life. Anyways Thank you and merry Christmas!
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