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JMK 07920 Magnetic Mesh door Screen

JMK 07920 Magnetic Mesh door Screen

JMK 07920 Magnetic Mesh door Screen
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descriptionJMK 07920 Magnetic Mesh door Screen

* Let your pets go in and out at will with this instant screen door

* No more slammed screen doors or forgetting to close them

* Installs in minutes - with no tools and no damage to door frame

Say goodbye to slammed screen doors and doors left wide open, and at the same time let your dog come and go without your assistance.

JMK Instant Screen Door installs in minutes without tools to transform any door into an airy doggie door that closes on its own.

Durable, soft fiberglass mesh door automatically snaps close using magnets to let fresh air in while keeping bugs out.

The weighted mesh screen features reinforced fabric edges and hook and loop side attachments.

Two hanging tunnels allow easy height adjustment.

JMK Instant Screen Door hangs from an adjustable tension rod and does not require drilling or hammering hardware that can damage your door frame.

Portable and storable for convenient installation in homes, apartments, campers or vacation homes.

Available in Black.
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