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MiraCool Doggie Mat

MiraCool Doggie Mat

MiraCool Doggie Mat
Item# 992-CB2
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description(992-CB2): Small 14 X 16. Each for $13.99.

(993-CB3): Medium 20 X 24. Each for $21.99.

(994-CB): Large 26 X 36. Each for $36.99.

The MiraCoolŪ Doggie Mat is designed with channels that hold MiraCoolŪ water activated Cooling Crystals and work to cool dog's belly and body on contact. Just soak the mat in cool tap water (in a sink or tub), allowing the MiraCoolŪ crystals to absorb water and fill the mat's channels. Shake off excess.

When hydrated, the pad provides a cool, cushiony soft resting spot on floor, patio or other shady place.

To maintain mat in excellent condition, hang in open air to allow air to dry when not in use.

Small is 14" x 18", Medium is 20" x 24" and Large is 26" x 36".

Because a "hot" dog is not a happy dog. Works to cool from the "outside in" to deliver cooling sensations. Helps prevent over-heating.
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